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Conditions of Use

1. For the Standard Version

This program is Shareware.

Shareware is Test-before-pay-software: You can test these programs for a certain time for free. If the software does not work properly or if you see that you do not like it, then you can simply delete it and did not have to pay more than the cost for the download, i.e. normally no cost.

After the end of the Shareware trial period a registration is needed, i.e. you need to pay for the software.

The distribution of so-called Full versions is an exception. In this case, the registration fee is payed when purchasing the software.

There is nearly no technical difference between Shareware and Full version of BAHN. After installing, its operation is nearly no limited in any way. So you can test it as you like. After 92 days some functions of the software will be locked. You can unlock them by entering your registration data. This makes the program a registered full version. The "Register" function belongs to the File menu. There you have to type the registration code and keyword. You will get both from the program's author after receiving the registration fee or from Share-It!. In case of selling so-called "Full-versions", the data are included with the package.

2. For the Viewer Version
3. For both Versions

Registration Fees for the Standard Version

These user fees are valid only when purchasing directly from the author.
At resellers, the fees may differ, e.g. by adding sales tax - depending on the home of the customer resp. the distributor's location.
Registering as a new user:
for using the software EUR 19.00
for pupils to 16 yrs
(with proof)
EUR 9.00
Upgrade offer:
(only for registered users of version 3.87)
for using the software EUR 14.00
for pupils to 16 yrs
(proof already sent)
EUR 5.00

Upgrade from BAHN 3.88r1..r4 to BAHN 3.89
(all these versions use the same registration data)

However, if you find some money remaining from holidays, feel free to increase this value as you like ;-)

EUR 0.00

Please notice that you can pay via Share-It! in other currency. The fees may differ in that case. The current and exact value is displayed at Share-It.
However, the special offer for pupils is not available this way.

Please pay attention to special offer in the Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland:


Bookware / Additional Offers

The registration fees do not include any shipping costs. A shipping is not needed if you already have been installed the software (e.g. downloaded from the Internet). In that case you need the registration data only, resulting in a shipping cost of nearly zero. However, you can get the software on CDROM.
Urgent request: If you like to get a CD then please tell me a complete and correct mail address. Do not trust in data on your bank's transmission form. These will often be cut on transmission.

Article inside Germany inside Europe,
outside Germany
outside Europe
incl. many example layouts
EUR 5.00 EUR 6.00 EUR 7.00

(all offers: changes reserved)

A printed manual about BAHN 3.89 is not available due to the low demand.

In the German-speech area (DE, AT, CH), a German "full-version" of previous version BAHN 3.83 was offered from end of April 2006, by the Astragon GmbH company. This package includes a CDROM with more than 100 example layouts and the German manual as ".pdf" file. The registration data are included and must be entered at "Datei"-"Registrierung". Each distributor can define the price as he likes.

Bank Connections / Wire Transfers

Select one as you like, depending on where you need to pay the lowest charges.
For transfers inside Germany it is sufficient to give the IBAN (International bank code).

From outside Germany you may need the BIC (Bank Identification Code) from the last column of the table additionally.
In case of very high charges it may be better to use Share-It.

Wire transfers:
Bank Name City IBAN (Account) SWIFT-BIC
Commerzbank (formerly Dresdner Bank) Dresden DE47 8508 0000 0535 8450 00 DRES DE FF 850
Postbank Leipzig DE69 8601 0090 0226 8309 01 PBNK DE FF
Sparkasse Chemnitz DE83 8705 0000 4552 0268 58 CHEK DE81 XXX

Important when wiring money to the author's account:
Please state "Jan Bochmann" both as the account's owner and as the receiver.
Your address (at least name) must be in the field: "Intention for use" of the transmission form, because the other fields are not transmitted (e.g. "sender"). It is strongly advised that you also send an e-mail or letter stating the details of the transfer, because the banks often transfer incomplete or broken data.


Registering via Share-It!

Remark 06/2024: This service is currently closed.

This service is provided especially for paying from other countries and for paying using credit / debit cards and electronic cash. Accepted: Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club and the UK Debit Cards Solo and Switch, further PayPal and GiroPay.

This automated service is available 24h every days.
The registration data are sent via e-mail.
The software self will not be sent, because you already have been installed and tested it.

Depending on your country, Share-It! offers further ways of payment, e.g. transmission to a local bank account, what may be less expensive for you. In addition to EUR, they accept many other currencies at current rate of exchange. For paying in US$, some different fees are defined. Values in other currencies are calculated from the EUR value. All prices are including sales tax if needed.

All links from this website to Share-It! can be cancelled there, without need to pay anything and without storing your personal data. For questions about orders, payments or shipping feel free to ask the Share-It! Customer Support Center.

Available BAHN offers via Share-It!:


Registering of BAHN 3.89 as new user for normal fee.

19.00 EUR or 19.00 US$

Special offers are not supported here.

This way, you can register your BAHN in a few minutes, normally (using a credit/debit card, otherwise after receiving the money). From Share-It! you get a short e-mail, containing a registration number and password that serve for unlocking BAHN. For registering, please click here or onto the picture: scr610.gif

If you mean that BAHN is worthy more:

Registration of BAHN 3.89 as new user for a "support price" of:

29.00 US$ or 29.00 EUR

39.00 US$ or 39.00 EUR

49.00 US$ or 49.00 EUR

59.00 US$ or 59.00 EUR

This way, you can register your BAHN in a few minutes, normally (using a credit/debit card, otherwise after receiving the money). From Share-It! you get a short e-mail, containing a registration number and password that serve for unlocking BAHN.

For registering, please click onto the number or onto the picture beneath:

29.00 scr610.gif

39.00 scr610.gif

49.00 scr610.gif

59.00 scr610.gif

Registering as Upgrade from BAHN 3.87 to 3.89 for normal fee.

14.00 EUR or 14.00 US$

Special offers are not supported here.

Please send an E-mail to the program author. Then you will get an e-mail with a link to the upgrade offer registration via Share-It!.

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