New Features in BAHN since 1998 (except vehicles)

p_u BAHN 3.58 (12/1998)
p_u BAHN 3.59 (12/1999)
p_u BAHN 3.70 (12/2000)
p_u BAHN 3.80 (4/2002)
p_u BAHN 3.81 (8/2003)
p_u BAHN 3.83 (2/2005) / 3.83r2 (5/2006)
p_u BAHN 3.84 (7/2007) / 3.84r2 (12/2007)
p_u BAHN 3.84r3 (5/2008)
p_u BAHN 3.85 (11/2008)
p_u BAHN 3.85r2 (6/2009)
p_u BAHN 3.85r3 (2/2010)
p_u BAHN 3.86 (5/2011)
p_u BAHN 3.86r2 (2/2012)
p_u BAHN 3.86r3 (8/2012)
p_u BAHN 3.87 (3/2013)
p_u BAHN 3.87r2 (11/2013)
p_u BAHN 3.88 (5/2014)
p_u BAHN 3.88r2 (12/2014)
p_u BAHN 3.88r3 (12/2015)
p_u BAHN 3.88r4 (10/2016)
p_u BAHN 3.89r1 (4/2019)
p_u BAHN 3.89r2 (11/2019)
p_u BAHN 3.89r3 (4/2020)
p_u BAHN 3.89r4 (12/2020) / 3.89r4a..d (01-03/2021)
p_u BAHN 3.89r5 (05/2023)

Important news BAHN 3.58

Example for zoom factor 2, "outside turning" switch and Magdeburg LRT car:

zoom factor 2 and Magdeburg low floor car

Example new/changed cars and horizontal depot:
(at the top the type used as KSW in BAHN 3.40, now as "car of 1920ies to 50ies",
below 2 versions of the new designed KSW, at the bottom the type from Erfurt (Thuringia) built in 1938-1943, at last used on the Lockwitztal and Kirnitzschtal tramways near Dresden (Saxony))

horiz. depot and 4 2x-tram trains

A demonstration of shunting/switching:

Turning (animated GIF 10kB)

"transparent" station hall:

Bf. DD-Neustadt mit Halle

Important news BAHN 3.59

Example day-night-switching and texts on tracks:

before sunrise

Important news BAHN 3.70

Important news BAHN 3.80

Dresden-Neustadt (BAHN 3.80)

Important news BAHN 3.81


Important news BAHN 3.83


Important news BAHN 3.84

Extensions BAHN 3.84r3


Important news BAHN 3.85

Extensions BAHN 3.85r2
Extensions BAHN 3.85r3

Important news BAHN 3.86

Extensions BAHN 3.86r2
Extensions BAHN 3.86r3

Important news BAHN 3.87

Extensions BAHN 3.87r2

Important news BAHN 3.88

Extensions BAHN 3.88r2
Extensions BAHN 3.88r3
Extensions BAHN 3.88r4

Important news BAHN 3.89

Extensions BAHN 3.89r2
Extensions BAHN 3.89r3
Extensions BAHN 3.89r4/r4a/r4b/r4d
Extensions BAHN 3.89r5

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